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Jeanne Cordelier

Jeanne Cordelier is a Woman Writer, the French author of La Dérobade, one of the biggest French best sellers of last century, translated into at least 17 languages (into English by Harry Mathews, with the English title "The Life, memoirs of a French hooker". On this site you will find information on her works in three languages: English, French and Swedish. You will also find a basic biography, her bibliography and information on her current works, including her monthly online words, published in French since March 1999. The literary success of her first book was remarkable. Her style has been compared to James Hadley Chase, Jean Genet, Cendrars, "Balzac punk", Villon, Chandler and others. Her novels are often labelled roman noir. La Dérobade, her novel about a prostitute's struggle for freedom, was adapted into a movie with same name (The Get-Away in English). The follow-up of La Dérobade, La Passagère, is a novel about her time in safe houses in the US, the real story behind the movie The French Connection. Other themes in her novels are incest (two books, one a correspondence with a Canadian psychoanalyst, Julien Bigras, - Premier Bal -, the other a French girl's own story about being the victim of abuse - La Mort de Blanche-neige), social misery, always with a glimpse of hope, and human rights. In 2000, she published a love story based on her own experience from inside communist Vietnam, against the backdrop of the abuse of human rights in that country. This novel, Hanoi Blues, is available in English and was recently republished in French. In 2001, she published her first collection of short stories, a second edition of which was published in 2005. In 2003, Jeanne Cordelier published a novel about a young man, L'Instruit, fighting his way back from social exclusion. Critics have emphasized the remarkable portraits of men by the female author (in for example Malparade, Sang et plumes and L'Instruit). In 2012 she published Reconstruction, the autobiography covering the years from when she made her literary debute until recent times. The latest novel in French is Escalier F.